Welcome to Artemis' Healing Art

My mission is to effectively utilize my unique healing gifts, skills, and experience to both facilitate others’ healing and educate clients in ways to more confidently manage their own energy bodies and  develop their intuitive gifts.

The focus in healing sessions is to uplift, clear, and beneficially align the client’s mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical energies. My role is to listen well and to tailor the healing work to meet the client’s specific needs. Together, we remove obstacles to the clients’ optimum expansion, growth, brightness, health and alignment.

The intent of educational and coaching sessions is  to empower clients to tune into their own gifts and learn how to work with energy and extrasensory information safely, respectfully, and confidently.

I believe that the Creator has given me these gifts in order to help others, and I offer my efforts for the benefit of all and only upon invitation. I am a Christ-centered healer and I work with clients of all faiths.

My clients and I have found my gifts to be helpful and effective for the following:

     Recovery from trauma or abuse

     Changing limiting life patterns

     Breaking through stubborn mental/emotional/behavioral obstacles

     Emotional healing

     Physical healing

     Purification or removal of negative spiritual influences or attached entities (Problems with possession? I can help.)  

●   Clearing unwanted energies from the home (bad feelings, ghosts, scary dark entities etc.)